A planter to sow the seed Some rain to water it in Sun to provide heat and light Love to nourish and grow Sturdy branches extending all round A tree full grown strong and tall Of faith, love, truth, hope and peace Enough to provide shelter, life for all Advertisements


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We look to the sky where mystery is a constant story, Within the sky are many unusual things created. Wind and rain have lived since our time began, Within the sky are many years experienced by man. It is assumed that the world above is only up high, Within the sky…


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I have just been reading a passage in the Bible. The one about the pharisees not believing that Jesus could heal a blind man. I always know that wherever I open the Bible there is something for me to understand that pertains to what is happening in my life and…


Today sit, listen Children laughing, playing Families together living Music quiet, soft Time to wonder Again to make choice Time to reflect Over what is What could be What still to do What branch to take What to let go What to keep So tired now Frustration frustration No easy way Complete what started Stuck … More TODAY


All I have tried to do Is love you Your smile, your laugh Your gentleness Through the bad times The good times The hyperness The peace All is love I have not listened To what anyone said I stay true to my word In the hope that one day You will understand My true heart … More LOVE IS ALL


Please see my review of the above show.  Is the first ever review I have done of theatre. There was only one thing I did not like at all or feel comfortable listening to and that was a poem that is totally against my faith as a Christian. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and will … More THE LAST LAUGH


This Dream I dreamed Is not a dream A beautiful reality instead A world of life A world of hope A world of love always This life I dreamed Is not a dream A future bright I see Where man and beast Can live at least With little fear inside This hope I dreamed Is … More A DREAM


The Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh – Studio 2 – 6-30 August 1.30pm Great lunchtime show The Last Laugh is an interesting piece, mixing very black humour with sarcastic relationship drama. On entering the theatre you are met with a film tribute of one Eddie Butler, the main character (played by Keir McAllister) whose career … More THE LAST LAUGH