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? ? What a weekend, what a conference, what a vision for the future An answer to my prayers at least! A vision of a fairer Scotland, one that works for every citizen from wherever they have come from. A promise that Scotland is now working for independence and will…


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Transformed world Transformed life Transformed reality Love everlasting Life ever living in God Light of the world You saved all of us from harm You brought us back Time after time You rescued from dangerous forces Within the hearts of men You sent angels to watch over all These the…


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Light of a new day Stronger than before Love in every particle light Raindrops a rainbow of life This journey at beginning Is what we are born for This light burning far into future From Yaweh our gift to this world Hope and joy that rainbow Peace and love that…


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The recent events happening in Scotland and England have set the cat amongst the pigeons.  There is a great deal of chaos around what should happen next with regard to Scotland becoming independent but retaining EU status or whether it should remain in the UK union of nations. Of course…

A Monsanto larvicide isn’t causing microcephaly in Brazil (or anywhere else)

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The alarming number of babies with microcephaly in Brazil and other countries is definitely a cause for concern. While each day more and more evidence grows that it is related to infection with the Zika virus, definitive studies are still lacking. This sadly leaves room for conspiracy theories and…


I listen every day to stories in the media floods, famine, disease, human pain and suffering, livelihoods, homelands obliterated, war, disease, human mutation, tales of the disadvantaged, poverty stricken, homeless, hungry, mentally wounded and struggling in our own societies. Every day we are pummelled with disaster after disaster – the millions who are suffering. Every … More REGENERATION NOT DESTRUCTION


The drinkers The drug users The smokers The gamers The gamblers The annorexics The bullemics The cleaning freaks The litteriques The hoarders The minimalisation loaders The war and destruction maniacs The corporate empire builders The self-harmers The money needers The power stealers The control junkies The manipulation flunkies WHY!!!! HOW!!!! WHAT LIES!!!! THE MODERN DISEASE? … More WHAT