My name is Sandra Marshall and I am a writer/community activist, living in a time of change! A new Scottish Enlightenment period has been slowly creeping up on my beautiful country and this magazine is about this time, this place, now!

I mostly work as a community activist in the northern area of the City of Edinburgh, where there has been a lot of hardship, anguish, pain endured over the last seventy odd years. I don’t think that it helps recognising the pain all the time, do you?

This magazine is intended to bring the positive side of the Scottish Community to the fore, to celebrate with the different clans throughout the country from the Borders to the Orkney and Shetland Islands, from Edinburgh to the Isle of Bute, and beyond.  I know we have already started but let’s bring the hope back, together.

This Magazine will be available in digital format from 24th April 2019 and, in print from 24th December 2019.  I am hoping that by the latter date there will be some young people who want to join this social business and create and share for everyone!



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