What is a Citizen’s Assembly?  At the moment from the nearest source to Scotland, Ireland, a Citizen’s Assembly is a group of 100 citizens (after all we are the government!), one chairperson chosen by the government and 99 people randomly picked from the electoral register as representing a cross-section of public opinion (hopefully the Assembly will represent views from across Scottish opinion to get true reflection and debate). 

leith does not want trams

When the Scottish Government wants to make sure it is working in the right direction for the people of Scotland, eg., in respect of constitutional matters then a Citizens’ Assembly could be called to add balance, value and direction to the debate (keeping it real!).

For example, in 2016, a Citizen’s Assembly was called in Ireland to debate five issues:

  1. An amendment to their constitution;
  2. How to meet the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population;
  3. How the state can make…

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