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Light of a new day
Stronger than before
Love in every particle light
Raindrops a rainbow of life
This journey at beginning
Is what we are born for
This light burning far into future
From Yaweh our gift to this world
Hope and joy that rainbow
Peace and love that light
Your family, my family, their family
Our family, all family
All children of the Book
Working, playing, caring, sharing everything
For glory and praise of our Lord
Our creator of life itself

Isaiah: CH56 1, 6, 7.
1Thus says the Lord:
“Keep justice, and do righteousness, for soon my salvation will come, and my deliverance be revealed.
6”And the foreigners who join themselves to the Lord to minister to him, to love the name of the Lord and to be his servants, everyone who keeps the Sabbath and does not profane it and holds fast my covenant

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