A Monsanto larvicide isn’t causing microcephaly in Brazil (or anywhere else)

I wonder?

Dr. Jen Gunter

The alarming number of babies with microcephaly in Brazil and other countries is definitely a cause for concern. While each day more and more evidence grows that it is related to infection with the Zika virus, definitive studies are still lacking. This sadly leaves room for conspiracy theories and the one currently making the rounds is that a larvicide (a pesticide to kill mosquito larvae) called pyriproxyfen is causing the microcephaly. I’ve seen posts about the supposed link shared several times this weekend on Facebook and several news sites have irresponsibly elevated this to almost truth status.


Guess what I found when I clicked the links from the medical group making these claims? The same group that made the outrageous and incorrect claims about tampons being Monsanto-fueled vaginal cancer sticks.

The idea that pyriproxyfen could cause these birth defects is not biologically sound. First of all, pyriproxyfen works by…

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