Throughout this month of August, 7th to 31st August, I have a few shows to catch.

As I really would like to share a real flavour of the Edinburgh festival from the perspective of someone who lives in the city, I will be out and about on a daily basis, reviewing some of the shows, catching the street performance and market city variety that goes on each year.  I will also be visiting some of the well known eateries and places to stay in the city.

I hope to be posting something every day of what is happening.

Hope everyone gets something positive out of what I am doing and I really would be happy to receive feedback positive or negative.

I will be wonderful if I can inspire a visit or visits to Edinburgh especially in August.

So here’s the first bit of information

There are over 8000 performers in the city this year from all over the world.

On the other side the programme is more like a catalogue and there is so much variety and so much I want to see that it is quite hard to choose.

Here is my first Review:


Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh 1.30pm, Studio 2 6th – 30th August 2015

Brilliant lunchtime show to catch

The Last Laugh is an interesting piece, mixing very black humour with sarcastic relationship drama.

On entering the theatre you are met with a film tribute of one Eddie Butler, the main character (played by Keir McAllister) whose career is the main theme of the production.

After a successful tour of a mysoginistic show Eddie returns to Edinburgh Fringe with a follow-up, at which an obviously pro-feminist member of the audience Grace (played by up and coming Stand-up Larah Bross) gets up and interrupts his performance, whiplashing him with her tongue she proceeds to walk out. Eddie, in an attempt to retrieve the situation explains what he is about and persuades her to sit down again.

The whole show thereafter revolves around the professional and personal relationship of Eddie and Grace.

The egoistic battle between the mysoginist and the feminist culminates in the roles being switched. Eddie becomes the underdog and Grace achieves worldwide fame.

The characters of Eddie and Grace as protrayed by Keir McAllister and Larah Bross are brought to life very cleverly. You can easily recognise and have a laugh at the slightly run down jaded Eddie and the ambitious rampant feminist Grace.

It is a masterfully put together work which by combining the topics of femnism and mysoginy with the social politics of being a comedian or comedienne at the Edinburgh Fringe creates a very dark satirical humorous drama.

The creative risks taken in putting together The Last Laugh have worked superbly it is an extremely well written drama that is worth watching.



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