Silently watching

from the window to see

The quiet street below

Framed by forest covered hill beyond

A balcony full of colourful flowers

So peaceful, so clear

Our Lord’s blessings on earth

Another picture

So much going wrong

Business and heat

Frustration and fear

Spread around everywhere

So much, so often

With quiet dignity

To speak out

Words of understanding

To all that will hear

To see with different eyes

To step outside the box

Looking in

So many words upon the page

None sufficient

To explain

The beauty without

The wonder within

Love is the Key

Peace is the way

There is no need

To dig and dig

Sufficient is there for everyone

To complete the spiral of our lives

To give up fear and pain

Walk in truth, love and faith

See this beautiful world around us grow

Full, beautiful, bright

Like the picture of a sunny day


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