A glimmer of light

Over devastation

Never before seen or heard

A face full of fear

Yet one more

Look upward to where light beckons

Steadily brighter as it falls

Over desert of man’s folly

Over ruin of man’s shame

Slowly yet slowly

One shadow follows another

Folds outwards from its hiding place

Faces covered in dust

Gathers to survey

All that man has done

A child’s voice is heard crying

Weeping for a mother gone

Dazed, confused

What now

Light grows, stronger, deeper

A breeze follows through

No clouds, no stars, no sun

Just an ever growing spiral of light

Surrounds all as a shield so tight

Again just a whisper, a smell

Sweetest, freshest perfume

Never before about

Wafting round, over, through

Humans standing so forlorn

Overpowering pulses of love

Encompassing life throughout

Come to me my children

Let me see what is astray

So fearful, so proud

Lay down your weapons

There is nothing left to hide

Come to me my children

Did you think I had abandoned you

Let me heal you now as one

Even though you were so blind

Let us start again

One by one by one

Let’s create a world anew

You have a lot of work to do

Put this world together again

Care as you know you should

There is no time for anger

No more time for foolish thought

Come live, love,life

No more pain or worry

No more anger or strife

Please live in harmony, peace

See it is never to late

I understand you my children

Please turn away from this path

Look around you oh my children

Choose a way of true connection

Lord Jesus once died for and offered

You all life

I love you my children

Come join me

Let a feast now be prepared

Sit beside my son

Lord Jesus is with you

Be sure there is no end

To my creation

Nothing that can be totally destroyed

You are forgiven my dear children

Come to me and choose salvation

Just so will I ever create life


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