I am by no means a perfect individual, I make many mistakes, talk out of line and give people the wrong impression, however, I try and I keep on trying.

Today I am going to see someone who has been very much hurt by human mistrust, this morning I was with a group of friends who have also been very much hurt by other human beings. All of these people have their own issues, problems, successes and failures just like the rest of us.

Is it right to judge someone immediately, by the way they dress, how they act, what they do?

Are you or I any better than they are?

I know I am not. I am just as vulnerable, just as needy, just as conscious as the next person. I just had the opportunity to be well educated, live my life in a reasonable way and succeed at a lot of things in my earlier career.

Why am I writing this? Well, that is a very long story that forms the backbone of the book I am writing.

I have been on a huge journey that has taken me through the wildest forest you can imagine. I have met some amazing injured people and been injured myself. I have supported people and been supported myself. I have had my eyes opened in so many ways to different situations, different realities, different outcomes and I have come to many conclusions that have had to be revised constantly.

I want to get over how easy it is to make mistakes when talking to someone and really put fear in their hearts when you meant the opposite. How easy it is to take someone the wrong way, and because society and past experience lead us to believe the outcome to a situation is going to be the way we have seen it happen before we, by default, believe that is what is going to happen again.

We don’t collectively as human beings generally give people second chances.

We look at individuals in our daily lives and automatically judge who they are, what they are, and what they are going to do without even getting to know them first.

We listen and watch media and our reaction is almost always coloured by what is being said or shown. Even if it is totally wrong we make personal judgements about what we see and hear.

I am just as much an offender as the next person and that is why:

  • I am writing this article;

  • I try and will keep trying to accept people for who they are without judging;

  • I am increasingly careful and aware of what I say and how I communicate;

  • I look at all sides of a story before I make up my mind about anything.

Are you with me?



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