Have you ever wondered what the word family encompasses? What it truly means to you?

It really is a difficult question to answer.

This is my own humble view:


I am quite a lucky person. I was brought up in a loving family with three sisters. We were brought up to think for ourselves, be open-minded, educate ourselves, work hard, love, care for, be there for each other and our own children and families. We spent holidays with grandparents and aunts and had a fantastic all-round involvement with all our family.

This love, care, inter-action with not just immediate family but extended family gave me a good set of rules to live by. It also gave me a base-line and a heritage that I can really be proud of and am still learning from. That is why I am lucky.

My upbringing in a Christian family has also given me an extra set of values that have carried me through every difficult situation, have given me knowledge that I can rely on and work with in helping, understanding, sympathising, empathising, enduring, persevering, hoping with others. My belief gives me the love and strength to go on, to tell the truth and not just follow, to respect others and try not to judge, to know that there is love and light in the world even at the darkest moment. My belief has also kept me humble, working for peace, trying to make life a bit lighter for those most in need.

The wonderful people I am talking about I also consider to be my family. Yet how do you love and be there for those who have not had such a brilliant time. Who have been brought up in confusion, frustration, abuse. Or those who have fallen by the wayside because of mistakes made. Who are intimidated and confused about what to do and where to go. Who have no human being to fall back on and call brother or sister. Those who do not know what love is because they have never experienced true love. Those who are hard to reach because they have been hurt time after time.

This is what I truly feel:

  • We should not, if truth be known, have the problems we have with poverty and inequality. There is absolutely no excuse in 2015 for making human beings suffer, whilst others live in over the top fantasy wealth.

  • We need to educate ourselves on the reality behind our presumed knowlede about individuals slightly different from ourselves in order to recognise, more fully, the similiarities and to celebrate the diversity of thought, culture etc. We need to get much more tolerant!!!

  • If we want to see everyone achieve their potential and bring balance back into our world then we have to let go of all our prejudices, judging and hurtful slander. We should be supporting everyone in order that everyone can live properly and support the planet. We need to get more human!!!

How do you accept individuals for the wonderful human beings they are, how do you encourage and provide support, how do you include them in what you are doing. The answer is I have no idea but it is my love, and my passion as a Christian and as a human being to love, care for, be there, support, understand, not judge, serve, help all those I can because they are a major part of my human family. This is the amazing love and values I grew up with.

The truth is we are all one family in all our diversity, all our madness, all our individuality and every single one of us matters and has a very important part to play in this amazing, beautiful life in which we live.

These are my own views


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