A very thought provoking title which I hope will provide a platform for thought, enquiry and perhaps for some a change of outlook.

I watched a very popular programme this morning on television before going to church called The Big Question. I left for church a bit upset but not surprised, I have got used to my faith and other faiths being questioned, however, what I was watching has made me feel I should speak out, put my viewpoint across and let it react with your understanding.

Before anyone switches off and says to themselves here we go again, I should like to ask what is it that you believe in? Why?

I listened to all the arguments this morning.

I listened and wondered why?

Why are so many individuals scared to step outside the box, look at their own direction and ask questions?

Why do we seek to make God and creation as small as ourselves?

Why is science in all its creativity and searching for answers, used as a field of research to prove that the reality we see is the only reality?

Every time there is a debate such as that of this morning, those who have faith in God are shouted down and laughed at. They are not allowed to put valid viewpoints across.

Religion has been blamed for so much time and again, however, can I ask is it really the fault of religion? Or, is it, in fact, human action that bring fault.

Why is there an absolute belief that we control all of our world around us, when it is obvious, at least to me, that we do not?

There are many that say why do miracles not happen these days, why did it stop so long ago? However, what if the real situation is just that miracles are either not reported properly (we, as humans, seem to be more interested in negatives than positives), or, not recognised?

What about the baby that survived ten days in a pile of rubble after a building fell down?

What about the fact that where there is Ebola in West Africa at the moment there has also been a record harvest?

What about the person who has been known to be a problem to society but to the astonishment of everyone around him turns his life in a different direction?

What about the person who is given six months to live and actually lives seven years?

What about the everyday miracle that my father experienced when visiting my mum in hospital, he was 20p short for the parking meter, and reluctantly, about to go and find change. He really wished he had 20p, noticed something on the ground near his foot, looked down and picked up 20p?

Are these not miracles?

I used to believe that all I could do was be an administrator and work for a large company to earn my way, not that it is a bad career, it is just that for me, the work I did was not fulfilling. As for Paul on the road to Damascus, it took a huge problem of my own making, a perceived mountain to climb and an epiphany to take the blinkers from my eyes. I realised at that moment my search had never stopped throughout my life, until I re-found my faith, or my faith re-found me, nothing really worked or made much sense. In every argument/debate there was something missing.

As soon as I stepped out of my little walled box, put on for safety and looked deeper I started noticing more. I saw, for example that science discoveries, social and well-being philosophies, care, hospitality, our human consciousness in respect of behaviour all reflect articles of faith.

My living Christian faith allows me to grow personally as well as being there for others, the new-found confidence I have allows me to write, sing, speak out, take part in, be heard, care for others, live an amazing, rich, bountiful life full of new experience. The world around me makes sense. All the questions I have ever had have come back with answers one after another, I have met and journeyed with people from every background, faith and culture and the exchange has en-richened their experience as well as my own. I am more alive now than I have ever been and of more use to humanity, life and myself!!!

Without my faith I would not be alive now. I would be dead, or in hospital. after the problems I have had to survive throughout the last ten year period. I can honestly say, my Christian faith has saved my life!!!

There is so much I would like to share and discuss with you. So many different aspects of life I have come to understand through faith, next time though.

All I would ask anyone to think about is:

  • Everyone has faith of some kind

  • Where would we all be and what would we be doing if Jesus had not come along, do you think we would have moved forward to having rights of freedom, choice and privacy etc

  • Would science have gone so far down the road of discovery?

  • Would education be as far advanced as it is now?

  • Would we have any idea about social justice or sharing resources?

Please leave me some feedback.

Thank you very much.

Sandra Marshall


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