So What Do You Want – On My Day Off?

Yes wonderful Sunday – a day of relaxation – a time to chill, let your mind wander, reflect, rest.

Well that is usually the case, but, the best laid plans and all that.

Usually on Sunday I get up, go to church, come home make lunch, read my messages and chill, not today. Today was a bit of an alternative. Our friend came to visit for coffee this morning.  Beautiful person but what thought provoking, inspirational conversation. Living in our minds, what is thought anyway, why is it that we can dream big and that is what it remains, a dream.  “I want to be myself, not this person who pretends”,he says, “I want to go and live in the wilderness and connect with nature then I will be contented, that is how it used to be, I was happy just doing, one of these days I am just going to disappear, too many ties to people”. That definitely resonated.  I won’t say that I am that different because neither my partner nor myself are that different.  The dreams I come up with of travelling the world and really learning about different cultures and different people through living or walking in their shoes have been pictures in my head for most of my life.

So what stops us? Is it comfort? ties? age? what?

Its ourselves, because on one hand we would love to travel but on the other hand it is not just about the travelling, its about running away from the ordinary, the everyday and ourselves and when it comes down to it I, anyway, will not run away from responsibility.  I like taking part in what is going on.  I like being useful.  If I did travel to another place, I can quite honestly say I would find myself taking part in similiar stuff I do here and I would still definitely believe that Sunday should be a day of rest, so here starts Sunday.


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